History of Psychology Reflective Paper

For the history of psychology class I took this semester, we had to write a paper reflecting on what we learned in class and how it intersects with our own personal experience. From the course outline: “Reflection begins with an experience, builds on the details of that experience, and describes a conclusion or opinion about your own life or life in general that flows from or was sparked by the details you have garnered about yourself, the experience of the character or system and what you know about history.”

I don’t know what my exact grade was, but working backwards from my overall grade for the class and what I know I got on the midterm and the final, I think it earned either an A or an A-. The Psychology department does not have as stringent writing standards as the English department, where I know this would have gotten a B, at best.

I’m not just posting this to get an ego boost and show off how clever I am (though that is part of it), but also because I really, really bombed the midterm for this class, and I will probably have to retake the class to get an acceptable grade. So I’m putting this up here on the internet so that when I do, I’m not tempted to plagiarize myself when I have to write a similar essay a second time.

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