Two of my favourite things intersect

Melanie Gall of the Savvy Girls podcast has recorded a travel diary as she Fringes her way across Canada and the US.

Episode 83 – The Fringe Files: Ottawa and Wakefield
Episode 84: The Regina Monologues

I really hopes she brings her show(s) to the 2013 Montreal Fringe.


I haven’t been doing much knitting recently…

I’ve been volunteering at the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival every day for the last week and a half, and it’s been crazy-busy.

I’ve had loads of fun, met some awesome people, and seen a bunch of great shows. It has not, however, been conducive to knitting.

I’ve been working in the box office and I had initially brought a book and a project or two with me because I figured there would be long stretches of boredom (interspersed with brief moments of madness) I’d have to fill somehow.

… Yeah, not so much.

I did finish a block the Mystery Shawlette, and I have another shawl completed that I need to block, but I don’t have pictures of either of them.