Reading Comprehension Fail

This is the third time I’ve had to knit this heel.

The pattern is Cookie A.’s Orange Pekoe socks knit in the club colourway; because the socks are mirrored it’s important that the heel placement lines up so the right stitches are on the insole so the pattern on the leg lines up with the pattern on the top of the foot.

First attempt at the heel and I was off by ten stitches because I read the instructions for the wrong sock. Okay, fine, some stuff I shouldn’t try knitting on the metro.

(Here is probably a good place to mention that a super-skinny circular needle is an invaluable addition to one’s knitting tools. Mine is 2mm and while I will never knit anything with it, it is very useful for picking up a whole lot of dropped stitches.)

I reknit the heel flat, turn the heel, pick up the stitches… and when I try to knit across the instep I notice I’m off by one single stitch. I could fudge it, but it would nag at me every time I wore the socks.

Rip rip rip a second time.

It should be right this time — and it better be because I don’t want to have to do it AGAIN.


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