Roxanne (the end)

I completed the final clue of the Roxanne KAL a day or two after it was released. I haven’t yet taken a picture of the completed shawl because I haven’t been able to block it yet. I have a cat. He likes sitting on things. He likes sitting on things and sharpening his claws. This, as one might suspect, does not lead to nicely blocked shawls. It leads to messes, and lots of crying.

(He hasn’t destroyed a shawl yet, but after what he’s done to my mother’s couches over the years, it’s only a matter of time… )

I’ve just been too lazy to drag the shawl and the blocking boards and all the pins to a cat-free environment where it can be blocked out safely. Right now, I only have two places where I can do that — at my mom’s house, or at the local yarn store. The only person I know within walking distance who doesn’t have cats probably wouldn’t appreciate me annexing a chunk of his living room floor to pin out a shawl.

I do love that the designer’s instructions for how to block the shawl are pretty much “Make it look like a Cylon raider”.

Final judgment on the shawl will have to wait until it’s been blocked out, but I very much enjoyed the process of taking part in a mystery knit-a-long, and I’d definitely do another one.

… Which is why I cast on for Wendy D. Johnson’s Summer Mystery Shawlette as soon as the set-up clue went up on her website. And promptly ripped back once the first errata was discovered, because I’m a perfectionist like that.


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